Top Tips on First Date Outfits for Cuddly Dating Ladies

October 30th 2013 by .
Cuddly dating, what to wear?

Choosing a first date outfit is hard enough – but when you’re pleasantly plump or ‘cuddly’, dating can be even more daunting. When it comes to your first date after finding a match through our cuddly dating service, it’s important to feel as comfortable as possible whilst still looking smart, on trend and a little bit sexy, which can be difficult to get right when you’re covered with curves.

A low cut plunging neckline can look sophisticated on a tiny boobed skinny model, more heavily endowed girls with a bit of meat on their bones tend to end up looking more like a page three stunner when they attempt an outfit like this.

So if you would consider yourself a cuddly dater and you’ve got a first date coming up then follow these tips on what to wear to ensure that you look and feel great and ready to date!


Dresses can be tricky for the cuddly dating lady but there are a few tried and tested classic that will work on almost any frame:

Wraparound Dress – wraparound dresses are usually cut to just above the knee and ‘wrap around’ the body. This type of dress works curvaceous girls because the way the dress is tied cinches in the waist giving an hourglass frame. However, many wraparound dresses have the flaw of being too low but you can remedy the problem by wearing a vest top or a silk camisole underneath.

Shift Dress – The chic and timeless shift works for everyone and is the perfect dress for creating that coveted hourglass figure. The beauty of a shift dress is that you can wear it in almost any colour or adorned with a host of patterns and it will still flatter the figure. You can accessorise a shift with a cardigan or bolero jacket and find heels or flats to suit.


Trousers, especially jeans, are often hard to buy for larger ladies but the cut of your trousers and the way you wear them can completely change how they look.

High Waisted – if your stomach area is a problem choose high wasted jeans or trousers that sit snugly at the top of the waist. Wear them with a longer fitted top and heels to create a magical slimming effect for your stomach.

Wide Legged – Wide legged trouser are a great cut for a cuddly women as they give the illusion of a slimmer, longer leg. If you’re not into pattern and colour then stick to simple black or look for trousers with a fun floral or geometric design to hit one of this year’s top fabric trends.


You may or may not be planning to show them but feeling good comes from within so make sure you invest in a high quality, well – fitting set of underwear that you can wear on dates so you’ll feel full of confidence and ooze sex appeal.

On the other hand, most people agree it’s not a good idea to give away the farm on a first date so if you want to ensure you don’t take things too far then squeeze yourself into those Spanx and enjoy your cuddly dating experience.