Top Five Tips for Cuddly Daters

September 12th 2013 by .
Curvy Dating Woman

Magazines, movies and TV is so packed with worryingly thin women that it would be easy to start believing that men are only attracted to skinny minnies, but in truth that’s simply not the case. Stop any man on the street and ask him to choose between curves and bones and you’ll find 99% will choose curves! So if you’re about to enter the world of cuddly dating, be confident, love your body and follow these top tips to feel great when you date:

1. If you’re newly single then you could have been burned by a broken relationship. Break ups often lower self-esteem, even on the part of the initiator, so before you start dating, take time to do nice things for yourself, make a list of your good points and emphasise them when you chat online, rather than doing yourself down.

2. A change is as good as a rest so if you’re feeling a bit tired and flat then overhaul your image. Most top high street stores have fabulous plus size ranges these days so you can become a regular fashionista – and why not go the whole hog with a glamorous new hairstyle too!

3. Keep things fun. Men don’t really care about fat or thin but they do care about confidence. You could be the size of a house but if you give the impression you’re happy with yourself everyone else will be happy with you too. When you’re online don’t moan about your weight, in fact, don’t even mention it because ultimately, your body is not who you are.

4. Be sensible about the people you talk to. Lots of us tend to  be more intimate online that when we meet face to face which can result in a false sense of closeness which can lead people to do things they wouldn’t normally do, like giving someone money when they’ve never met them face to face. When you date online be careful about the information you give out suck as addresses, places of work or bank details.

5. Meet safely. There really aren’t any rules as to how long you should chat to someone online before you meet, but it can often be advantageous not to appear too eager and available. When you do decide to meet up, make sure it’s somewhere public and that someone knows where you’re going. If you’re feeling nervous then start with a short date like meeting for coffee, that way it won’t be too tortuous if the chemistry isn’t there as you can leave after half an hour – but if it goes well, a coffee date can be easily extended too.

Remember, being a successful dater has nothing to do with your size and shape, it’s all about the inner beauty that you exude. When you feel content in your own skin your confidence will shine through and make you a very attractive prospect. So each time you chat or date, remember to remind yourself just how fabulous you are and that if you do choose to meet someone for a date, that they are the lucky ones!