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Gay Dating Online to Find Your Soul Mate

January 21st 2015 by .

Many people who are looking for a new relationship want to meet their soul mate. They dream of finding a partner who shares their interests and wants the same things out of life. Finding a lifelong companion to share special moments with is an amazing thing. Gay dating sites such as are one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Continue reading

Gay Dating in the Technological Age

January 14th 2015 by .

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The rise of the home computer and the birth of the Internet has impacted on people’s lives and made many changes to society. Gay dating online is no different to any other, and it has many advantages in this technological age. The Internet is now one of the most popular and simplest forms of communication and – regardless of where someone is in the world – you can get in touch with them in seconds. The Internet has also created new options for people looking for love as they can search online for their perfect partner. Continue reading

Gay Etiquette for Online Dating

May 14th 2014 by .

Gay dating has more potential minefields than heterosexual dating. Gay online dating is another level of complicated unless you are honest from the outset and focused on what it is you want from a new relationship. There are approximately over 3.6 million gay people in the UK alone so how on earth do you go about finding, and keeping, your future hubby?

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Initially, as with any relationship, straight or gay, know your intentions. Wanting something casual or a partner for life are both fine, just be clear on what you need and stick to it. Continue reading