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Failsafe Date Conversation Starters

October 24th 2015 by .

Messaging a potential date online is drastically different to trying to find suitable chatting topics whilst sat opposite them in a busy bar or restaurant. This is why we’re here to point you in the right direction. These aren’t exclusive to first dates, so store them in your head for those awkward silences that need filling. As an added bonus, by being the conversation starter you will most probably win points for making them feel more at ease and therefore get to know the real personality, rather than the nervous small talking one.

conversation on a date

To save time lets firstly just cover the no-go topics (at least until you’re comfortable together anyway). Ex partners always evoke a plethora of emotions and tales of usually unhappy times, which will make you both feel uncomfortable, so that should definitely avoided. If you start to get into the danger zone where one of the conversations you have ends with “I went there with my ex” get off that topic as quickly and subtly as possible. Religion and politics are the other two subjects that tend to divide or bond people, however, for your first couple of dates this is unnecessarily heavy. Find out if you like each other on a more basic level before moving onto whether you’re going to convert to their faith.

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Why Online Dating in the UK is Perfect for Busy Professionals

July 9th 2015 by .


Using a dating site online is becoming an increasingly popular way to find both friends and serious relationships with many different groups of people. One group that this type of dating may particularly appeal to is busy professionals. Here are just a few of the reasons why online dating in the UK is so perfect for those who spend so much of their time at work.


One of the most appealing features of dating sites for busy professionals is the convenience they offer. You can access online dating in the UK at your own convenience to fit into your schedule and from the comfort of your own home or office. Conventional dating requires the effort of making time to get out there and meet people and this might not always fit in with your work commitments and other responsibilities. Continue reading

Infographic : Top 5 Tips for Your Gay Dating Adventure

June 25th 2015 by .

If you are a gay individual looking to settle down and find a long lasting relationship then we have the perfect home for you, our gay dating mini site is the ideal place to sign up and begin your gay dating adventure.

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More & More Mature Individuals Choose Online Dating for Companionship

May 20th 2015 by .


If you have become single in your later years, one of the things that you may be missing in your life is companionship. You might miss having someone to talk to, spend time with and share your experiences. However, it’s worth remembering that it is never too late to find someone to share your life with and mature dating in the uk is one of the easiest ways to find yourself a special companion, don’t be ashamed to dive head first into online dating. Continue reading

Resume Your Sex Life with Mature Dating

April 29th 2015 by .

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When you reach your later years and you are a single person, you may find that you miss the physical side of a relationship. Just because you are “mature”, does not mean that you do not have sexual desires and needs. If you are interested in resuming your sex life, then mature dating online can be a great way to find someone to enjoy a physical relationship with.

Post a great profile picture
In most situations, a physical relationship is only successful if you feel sexual attraction towards each other. Posting a good profile picture is important in order to attract a potential partner for yourself. However, it must also be recent and realistic. Other people using our mature dating site will expect and respect honesty so this should be reflected in the photograph you use. Continue reading