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What Really Makes a Good Catch?

October 31st 2014 by .

online dating catchAcross the Internet, you can find plenty of articles that claim to know exactly what men want, or to have figured out the secret to getting any woman. These articles on Online Dating Sites are usually filled with corny, vague advice like, ‘Just be yourself’ or, ‘be confident’. These sorts of tips lack the drive needed to actually accomplish the art of becoming a good catch. So, what does it really take? What sorts of things attract the opposite sex? Today, we’ll be looking at some tried and tested methods you can start using right away… minus all the silliness and the cheap tricks. 

1. Don’t suck up all the air
One of the biggest complaints you’ll hear from people of either sex is that it’s really boring when someone monopolises the entire conversation. Everything has to be all about them. While it’s appropriate to share things about yourself when online dating or dating in person, it’s also important to keep in mind that the other person needs room to talk too. Continue reading

Mature Online Dating is Booming

October 24th 2014 by .


The world of online dating is booming for people in the 40 plus or ‘mature dating‘ group . Many are surprised by this, but they really shouldn’t be. Today’s 40 year old likely grew up with a personal computer from Apple, Sinclair or IBM. Technology is not an alien concept to them, and they’ve probably been using it their whole adult life. Today’s 40 year old man or woman is more trendy, savvy and sexually liberated than any generation before.

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5 Online Dating Profiles That Shouldn’t Have Worked… But Did!

August 29th 2014 by .

So we have all browsed through various online dating profiles in our time and have likely come across several examples of the type of profiles that we will list below. However how often do they actually work, surprisingly these ones do!


1. The Waffler

Arthur is a 5’10”, 41 year-old New Yorker. His dating profile is written in a very casual chatty style that really should not have worked effectively – yet it did! While the profile seemed to waffle on charmingly about not very much, in actual fact it managed to give the reader a good and comprehensive overview of his likes and dislikes while very clearly demonstrating his fun-loving personality. He manages to include a mention of his French background without making a huge statement of nationality. He seems to rubbish being French at first ‘I must confess I’m French – I know… nobody’s perfect’ but finishes by saying ‘If you think that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, I think you should tell our parents to get ready for the wedding’ showing a clear fondness for the capital city of his homeland. He also, although he may not have intended this, shows the importance of family and traditional values with his mention of weddings and parents.If you opt for this friendly style of writing you must be prepared to spend hours writing and editing each sentence until you have achieved the right blend of positive (and truthful, above all, always be truthful with online dating!) chatter and factual details. The reader must feel as though they want to get to know you and feel that they would be comfortable being in your company after they have read your profile: if they do not, they will move on to someone else.

Our ladies on our mature dating site should be on the look out for this guy or maybe a younger lady who is looking to date a mature man.

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How to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile

March 19th 2014 by .

There are still a certain amount of stigma’s attached to online dating, which is puzzling due to 2014 being a decade since the first dating website was released to the public. Due the privacy of online dating this article will hopefully help you build the perfect profile, resulting in you meeting the partner of your dreams. Be brave, take a deep breath and lets begin.

online dating profiles

So, most importantly, you need to consider the sort of person you want to meet via the site. If you have this type of person in your head it will help you write your profile in a tone that will appeal to them. A little piece of advice here is to be realistic! Work on a basis of five main priorities, as that will force you to choose what your essential traits in a potential partner are.

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