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Tips for Shy People Wanting to Try Christian Dating

August 5th 2015 by .


If you are a Christian who wants to find another Christian for a relationship, then a Christian dating site is a fantastic way for you to meet new people. It is especially good for introverts, but as a shy person you may find any type of dating daunting. Here are some tips to help you get started with online dating in the UK. Continue reading

Is a Christian Dating Site Right For You?

July 29th 2015 by .


Anyone hoping to begin a relationship should consider their options and there are many ways you can find your perfect match. If you are a Christian, then one option available to you is to join a Christian dating site such as the one we offer here at However, you’ll naturally want to weigh up the pros and cons of this and decide whether this is the best way of finding someone special for you. Let’s take a look at a few points here: Continue reading

Five Ways to Boost Your Confidence

November 28th 2014 by .


If you have not been dating for a while it can be easy to let nerves get the better of you. This may make it hard for your date to get to know the real you. If you feel more confident, you are more likely to be relaxed and this makes it easier for you to really get to know each other. There are a number of simple steps that you can take to quickly boost your confidence.

1. Don’t dwell on your past mistakes

If your last relationship ended badly then you may still have some unresolved feelings that can affect how you behave on your current dates. Remember that every relationship is different and you shouldn’t let any confidence issues that you have experienced in the past affect your current date.  Continue reading

3 Things Men Should Never Say On a First Date

November 14th 2014 by .

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There are times when it can seem hard enough even to get a date in the first place. Maybe you aren’t meeting people online with whom you have the right chemistry, or maybe your schedules just don’t match up – sometimes you might think that it will be months before your next first date.

So when you do get that first date, you definitely don’t want to mess things up by saying the wrong thing. Here are three things that will almost make sure that you don’t get to Date #2 (or anywhere fun on that first date):

1. ‘I’m married’

OK, we’re all grown-ups here. But if you’re married and are looking for some fun on the side, there are websites that cater you. If you pretend to be single and head out for dates with other single people, you’d better keep your marital status to yourself when you meet for the first time. If you let the cat out of the bag while you’re sitting over your first glass of wine, you’re as likely as not to have her glass of wine thrown in your face.

Why is this such a bad idea? It’s all about expectations. Many women are looking for Mr. Right. If you set yourself up as Mr. Right but turn out already to have a family, things could go wrong in a hurry.

2. ‘I still live with my parents’

Is this a big deal? Not if you’re still in high school, or even university. But if you’ve graduated, or you’re out in the professional world, it’s probably a good idea to have a place of your own. And if you don’t yet, you certainly don’t want to let that slip.

What’s the problem with this? Even in the liberated 21st century, she is still looking for someone who can provide her with some of the nice things in life. That might be fancy dinners out, and fun trips on the weekends, but it might also be a nice place for the two of you if she’s looking for something serious from the get-go. If you’re still sleeping in the same bed where you cuddled your teddy bear, she’s not likely to take you that seriously. So just be vague when she asks about where you live.

3. ‘I’ve always liked the idea of an open marriage’

Maybe you have. The swinging lifestyle is growing with each passing year, and with marriage becoming less and less of a social expectation as time goes by people are becoming more creative with the way they view relationships.

However, there is no guarantee that the girl across the table from you shares that view. This is definitely an area where you’ll want to feel things out gradually. So over that first drink or dinner, keep things casual and cool. That way you’re much more likely to get what you want.

These points should be simple to stay away from, but we all know just how much trouble our mouths can get us into!

What Really Makes a Good Catch?

October 31st 2014 by .

online dating catchAcross the Internet, you can find plenty of articles that claim to know exactly what men want, or to have figured out the secret to getting any woman. These articles on Online Dating Sites are usually filled with corny, vague advice like, ‘Just be yourself’ or, ‘be confident’. These sorts of tips lack the drive needed to actually accomplish the art of becoming a good catch. So, what does it really take? What sorts of things attract the opposite sex? Today, we’ll be looking at some tried and tested methods you can start using right away… minus all the silliness and the cheap tricks. 

1. Don’t suck up all the air
One of the biggest complaints you’ll hear from people of either sex is that it’s really boring when someone monopolises the entire conversation. Everything has to be all about them. While it’s appropriate to share things about yourself when online dating or dating in person, it’s also important to keep in mind that the other person needs room to talk too. Continue reading