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Perfect Date Ideas

June 18th 2014 by .

After a lengthy period of online dating and searching for someone that doesn’t look twenty years younger in their profile photo to in real life deciding on a date for someone that seems to have real potential is a daunting task. The classic cinema and a meal or drinks are fine, but that’s all it is, average. Push the boat out; your effort might just pay off. That is why the aim of this post is to give you our top date ideas that have the perfect balance of occasional conversation and fun. A quick note here: make sure you know your date. If you plan an outdoorsy hike for a city girl that lives in 6-inch heels, you might get a rude awakening.

dating ideas for potential couples

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Five Sexy Ways to Fill your Lunch Break

September 18th 2013 by .
First Date Ideas

For most of us work is a pretty boring place – but add a frisson of sexual excitement and suddenly things get a whole lot more interesting. When you’re spending all your time thinking about that sexy someone (or someones!) you suddenly find the day has passed and the after dark fun can begin.

So if you’re fed up of work and want to inject a few thrills into your daily routine then why not try one of these five sexy ways to fill your lunch break.

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