Single Parent Dating: Tips for Introducing the Children

July 1st 2015 by .

single parent dating

When you decide to join a single parent dating site, you are taking a big step towards starting the next chapter of your life following your separation from the parent of your children. Although it may seem daunting, it can actually be a fun and enjoyable experience. Once you have met someone through online dating in the UK and things have started to get serious, you may decide that it is time for them to meet your children. Here are some tips to help this run smoothly:

Wait until you are ready

Waiting until you are ready to make the introductions is really important. You need to be emotionally over your past relationship and feel sure that this new relationship is going to work. Take things slowly and don’t rush into introducing the partner you have met through online dating to your children. If you have any doubts that the relationship won’t last the test of time, wait a little longer. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are constantly welcoming new people into your children’s lives only for the relationship not to work out.

Talk to your children

Single parent dating is different to many other types of dating in the UK because it involves more than two people. The children must also be taken into consideration. It is vital that you discuss any changes in your life with your children and let them talk to you about their feelings. When you begin a new relationship, it will impact on their lives too.

Discuss it with your new partner

Not only should you consider yourself and your children, you also need to make sure your new partner is ready to meet your children. You may not necessarily both feel ready for the introductions at the same point in your single parent dating journey.

Meet on neutral ground

When you are single parent dating, introducing your children on neutral ground is a good idea. This reduces the likelihood of you new partner or your children feeling ill at ease with the experience of meeting for the first time. If things go well, then you can progress to your home environment or that of your partner.

Children meeting children

If the person you have met through online dating also has children, they will need to meet at some stage. Again, this should be on neutral ground so that one set of children does not feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Try to arrange a fun day out with activities that gives them the opportunity to have a good time and not feel the pressure of a formal meeting.

Online dating is a great way for single parents to meet. If things go well, you may decide it is time to make introductions with your children. By using these tips, you will increase the chances of these introductions being successful.