Single Parent Dating Tips for Dads

May 27th 2015 by .


Starting to date again when you have become a single dad can be daunting. The prospect of starting another relationship and juggling it with family life can be difficult to think about. However, finding time for yourself and having relationships beyond your children and family is important. One way of starting to do this is using single parent dating online.

Show your personality through your profile

The first impression that any potential dates will have of you is what you have told them in your profile. Leaving a profile blank is a bad idea as it creates an instant bad impression of your personality. Instead, spend some time completing as much information as possible. The more information you give the more interesting you will seem and you will have a better chance of attracting attention to your profile.

Be confident

It is much easier approaching potential dates through online dating in the UK than it is to approach women in a bar. This is especially the case if you are shy or lacking in confidence. When you are on a single parent dating site, try to have a little confidence in yourself and make the first move to get in touch. You have a higher chance of meeting lots of interesting and like-minded people this way rather than if you wait for potential matches to get in touch first.

Broaden your options

Single dads often find it difficult to meet people due to their responsibilities. When they do, potential dates are often limited to work colleagues and those who mix in the same social circle. Using a mature dating site can open up many more options to you. Take the time to browse the site and look at lots of people’s profiles rather than simply connecting to the first person you come across.

Demonstrate the fun side of your personality

Make your single parent dating experience fun for both you and the people you connect with. Let them know that you have a fantastic sense of humour by being light-hearted and making jokes when it is appropriate to do so.

Topics to avoid

Try to keep the conversation light and interesting when you are on a single parent dating site. There are two topics you should definitely avoid. The first of these is sex. Although this is a subject that is bound to come up in later conversations, most people using a mature dating site are looking for a serious relationship, not just casual sex. The second topic to avoid is moaning about your ex-partner. It will not reflect well on you.

Single parent dating is a great way for dads to meet new people who are single with children. By using these tips, you are increasing the likelihood of finding your perfect match. Even if it takes a while, you can enjoy the experience and will have the pleasure of meeting many others who share similar life experiences to yourself.