What Makes us the Fastest Growing Online Dating Site in the UK?

October 7th 2015 by .


A short decade ago, online dating was something that ‘sad’ or ‘desperate’ people did: losers who did not get out much and did not make much of a great impression when they did. However, today the story is very different with one in five of all couples (that is twenty per cent!) having met online; and that is only heterosexual couples. With same sex couples that figures soars to an incredible seventy per cent of couples having met through online dating. Within the next twenty years, experts estimate that over half of all couples will meet online, perhaps making online connection the new norm as regards meeting one’s future life-partner.

Older online dating websites simply provided a forum for singles to put in their information and then the luckless and loveless individual had to be prepared to sit and scroll through page after page of prospective partners hoping to come across someone with whom they were compatible. Obviously, this system was unwieldy, time-consuming and quite boring for all parties concerned, as well as being something of a waste of money (pay, and have to do all the work, not fair!) and so dating site managers had a word with their web designers and resident marketing guys. The result was a series of algorithms that took a set of criteria and checked it against the other site-users’ information, coming up with a vastly shortened, and much more relevant list for each user to consider.

While the original algorithms were fairly crude and still allowed a fair number of ‘miss-matches’ to slip through, the modern ones are extremely sophisticated and almost intuitive when it comes to pairing compatible dating site users. These pieces of software work very well, despite (or perhaps, because) they are severely logic based, looking for a certain number of points of compatibility before ‘approving’ a pair of users as possible matches. Romantics will not approve of this hard-headed and rigid allocation of logic to finding matches, but the fact is that it works, and works very well indeed.

We like to think that the reason it works so well is our approach of niche dating criteria. By that we simply mean, narrowing down the portal that you join to help gain the best chance of finding your ideal online dating match. If you are an older individual for example looking to date someone of your own age with similar life experiences, then our mature dating section of would be ideal, narrowing down the field even further allowing our algorithms to work their magic and find the best match even quicker and more efficiently.

Historically, humans have always used match-making services; relying either on personal knowledge of a suitor’s family or a professional match-maker for introductions for suitable partners. While the whole idea of arranged marriages fills most of us with horror, this is because much of the time arranged marriages are confused with forced marriages, in which the couple is given no right to refuse and the marriage is planned without their permission or approval, usually for profit or political gain. An arranged marriage, on the other hand, is much more like a dating service, in which a suitor is described, introduced and presented, with both parties being aware of the other’s background, upbringing and financial status, thereby weeding out fortune hunters, criminals or those with poor prospects. Either party in an arranged marriage can decide not to go ahead if they feel that there is something lacking between them. With a little thought (perhaps less if you have been single for some time, and are starting to despair of ever finding your perfect one) you will begin to see the positives in this type of match-making system – a system used on a grander scale by the above mentioned algorithms!

Take the hassle out of dating by spending a few moments inputting your information (and be as accurate and truthful as possible as the software can only work with the data provided!) and then sit back, grab a cup of tea and wait for to find you the best match possible!