Infographic : Top 5 Tips for Your Gay Dating Adventure

June 25th 2015 by .

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5 things to consider before start online gay dating

Transcript of Infographic

1. Just Be Yourself

First things first, before writing your profile just think about yourself and what exactly you want and you expect from other guys! Be honest and write down the things that you really like to do in your daily life and what kind of person you are. This is really crucial and helps a lot to find the right person who shares same interests with you.

2. Be Clear About Your Sexual Needs

You are looking for a serious relationship or maybe just sex buddies or mates to hang out or you are in an open gay relationship with your current partner and you guys are looking for another one to have fun with, just be clear and state it on your profile. Also don’t forget to state your current relationship status, it’s a part of being honest!

3. Show your face!

Using a clear face picture will help you to meet more honest users. In my experience when I don’t use any picture or use a picture of completely irrelevant content gave me exactly the same return.

4. Forget the “How big” Question.

Real love or long term gay relationship seekers mostly engage more with those guys who don’t start their conversation with “how big is yours?” or “top or bottom?” or “can you accom?” questions.
(Unless you are looking for one night stand)!

5. Feminine or Masculine?

There is absolutely no problem with being feminine or masculine BUT!… First of all, just read the profile of the guy you are going to write to. If he says something like “I don’t like feminine/campy guys” just do not waste your time because all you can get is being blocked or refused and it will probably be hard on your self-esteem. Just be respectful for others’ interests and wait same return from them.