Five Sexy Ways to Fill your Lunch Break

September 18th 2013 by .
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For most of us work is a pretty boring place – but add a frisson of sexual excitement and suddenly things get a whole lot more interesting. When you’re spending all your time thinking about that sexy someone (or someones!) you suddenly find the day has passed and the after dark fun can begin.

So if you’re fed up of work and want to inject a few thrills into your daily routine then why not try one of these five sexy ways to fill your lunch break.

Naughty Online Dating

There are literally hundreds of naughty adult dating sites out there but not everyone on them is looking to meet up with strangers in hotel rooms. There are also lots of girls and guys just looking for flirty – and sometimes downright dirty – chat online, which is a pleasant way to while away an hour if that’s what you’re into! On the other hand, if you do fancy some lunch time rumpy pumpy with a likeminded person then an adult dating site is the ideal place to find that too.

Office Flirting

Finding people to flirt with in the office is a great way to spend your lunch break. Seek out the friendly, funny, cheeky staff in your office and you’ll have found the people who will make your day go more quickly. However, office flirting can go too far and can often be seen very differently by the people involved, so unless you’re planning on a full blown affair keep things on the light side.

Sandwich and a Selfie

If you’re seeing someone why not wolf down a sandwich and spend the rest of your free time taking sexy selfies in a private spot. Who knows, if they like what they see you could even progress with some phone sex or video chat. If you’re planning a selfie think carefully about what you’re going to reveal and don’t just send them out willy nilly (unless that turns you on) as they run the risk of falling into the wrong hands. Also, don’t do it somewhere your boss could walk in at any minute!


Perhaps the most successful way to lose hours from your day, sexting can be a fantastic time waster! Often sexting has a once you’ve popped, you can’t stop effect and a flirty hello in the morning can lead to a day’s worth of saucy texts that get more and more X-rated as the hours roll by! When you’re in a relationship, sexting can be a great way of killing two birds with one stone because you’ll be making the day more enjoyable and exploring each others’ likes and dislikes so you can take up where you left off in the bedroom later on.

Office Sex

According to a recent survey, 49% of office workers have has a sexual encounter in their workplace and provided that losing your job wouldn’t be the end of the world, it can be an incredibly thrilling escapade. But before you embark on any office antics think carefully about the consequences of being caught.