First Date Outfit Ideas for Big, Beautiful Women!

November 6th 2013 by .
big beautiful woman on a date

Whether you’re a size 18 or 28, you can find the right outfit for a first date and look hotter than hot! When you’re a chunkier chick, it’s hard to find clothes that look good and make you feel good – and the larger the sizes are, the more boring and shapeless the clothes become.

However, with the right basics and a few clever fashion tricks, you can pull together an outfit that you’ll look incredible in, helping to endure that you exude confidence at your initial encounter.

The Basics

When choosing your first date outfit start with your underwear. Tons of women wear the wrong sized bra so go and get measured and invest in a couple of well-made but subtly sexy bras. You’ll find pretty and flattering bras of all sizes in most department stores or specialist underwear shops, or buy online for an even greater variety of sexy underwear designed for larger women. 

These days most of us have control underwear in our cupboards and it can be a great way to smooth and flatten the figure, but you have to be willing to spend a bit of cash. You can buy cheap underwear which claims to have control qualities but it’s usually very poor, so be prepared to buy the best if you want the best results.

There are two basic fool proof outfits to choose from that will slim your figure and make you feel confident. You can either opt for the jeans and top look or wear a dress. If you want to opt for the latter then a shift is the ideal cut. Shift dresses are flattering on most figures and can be dressed up or down easily depending on the occasion. A shift can look fab with heels and sparkly jewellery for a night at the opera or teamed with a denim jacket, scarf and ballet pumps for a walk around the park. Shifts re great for giving that much coveted hourglass effect and you can enhance your waist further by cinching it in with a wide belt.

If you’d rather stick to jeans then make sure you’ve got a well-fitting pair that are the right length. If you’re on the larger side and not too tall either it can be difficult to find well-fitting jeans in some high street fashion stores, but you’ll find much more choice in department stores or online. To make your outfit a bit more special choose a fitted top that stops mid-thigh in an interesting fabric. If glitz and glamour is your thing, look for tops with sequin or diamante embellishment or hit this season’s top trend by choosing something in a bright jewel colour like tropical orange or zingy purple.


With a simple outfit like those outlined above you can go to town with your accessories. If you’re wearing jeans then choose a stand out shoe and stick to smaller heels to avoid trips. You can pick shoes that blend with your outfit, for example tan shoes will make your legs look longer, or add extra interest to your look with contrasting shoes.

Wide belts are a wonderful way to create better defined waist but if they’re too wide they can end up looking like a truss. Try several different belts and opt for thinner options if you’re on the shorter side.