Extreme Honeymoons on the Rise

November 26th 2013 by .
bungee jumping on a honeymoon

At we don’t just get our members together through our online dating service and then forget all about them. What happens if you have met your perfect partner and down the line marriage is on the horizon? Will you have a traditional honeymoon? Or maybe something a little more daring?

According to a recent poll from luxury travel company Kuoni, honeymooners across the UK are saying no to a full fortnight of lying on beaches being massaged by tiny Thai women and yes to jumping off cliffs, out of planes and into shark infested waters to celebrate their nuptials.

Whilst honeymooners still expect candle lit dinners and long walks on golden sands as part of their holiday package, most want to spend at least two days of their time away indulging in adrenalin fuelled activities like shark diving, zip lining, scuba diving and parachute jumping.

With the majority of couples spending £5000 on their honeymoon, many are taking the opportunity to use their break as a way to tick off half the things on their bucket list and enjoy ‘once in a lifetime’ activities.

Books, Bebo and Bungee Jumping

Research conducted for the report demonstrated that soon to be married couples planned to spend at least £5000 on their holiday and expected that visiting historical places of interest and experiencing different cultures would take up one third of their time away. The study, which questioned more than 2000 soon to be marrieds, concluded that for most people, a ‘perfect’ honeymoon would allow them to spend four days sunbathing, enjoy three adrenalin filled activities and read two books.

It also found that the majority of newlyweds would be willing to travel for more than seven hours to reach their honeymoon destination and would like to stay in a five star hotel. One in ten said they would adore doing a bungee jump on their break and on average, honeymooners wanted to take 5 romantic walks along the beach, as well as indulging in his and hers spa treatments and enjoying romantic candlelit dinners.

Both men and women admitted they’d like at least two hours alone on each day of their honeymoon and 1/6th wanted to be able to check their social media accounts while they were away. 7% said they’d play computer games on their break and 1 in 10 said they’d be likely to contact friends at home.

Second Bite of the Cherry

The survey also discovered that many couples plump for a second bite of the cherry by recreating their honeymoons, visiting the same destination and embarking on the same activities, with the majority using a landmark birthday or anniversary as the ideal opportunity to rekindle the romance. According to Derek Jones, CEO of Kuoni, who conducted the report, the last few years have seen a huge rise in ‘special occasion travel’, but for most, a dream holiday is no longer just about sunning yourself on a beach and going bananas at the all you can eat buffet.

‘They (couples) are leaning towards a more authentic, active and cultural experience on their honeymoon’

The survey shows that today’s vacationers aren’t content with package holidays, poolside villas and resorts you can’t step outside of. Holidaymakers want their time away to be filled with exciting activity and offer them the opportunity to learn about the culture of the countries they visit.