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The 4 Big Myths of Online Dating Profile Pictures

February 25th 2015 by .


When you sign up to online dating, your profile information and profile picture are two of the most important ways of making certain that you are successful. Therefore, making sure you complete the profile information so that it reads well and is interesting is important. Continue reading

Gay Dating Online to Find Your Soul Mate

January 21st 2015 by .

Many people who are looking for a new relationship want to meet their soul mate. They dream of finding a partner who shares their interests and wants the same things out of life. Finding a lifelong companion to share special moments with is an amazing thing. Gay dating sites such as are one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Continue reading

Gay Dating in the Technological Age

January 14th 2015 by .

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The rise of the home computer and the birth of the Internet has impacted on people’s lives and made many changes to society. Gay dating online is no different to any other, and it has many advantages in this technological age. The Internet is now one of the most popular and simplest forms of communication and – regardless of where someone is in the world – you can get in touch with them in seconds. The Internet has also created new options for people looking for love as they can search online for their perfect partner. Continue reading

Why Gay Dating in the UK is so Popular

November 28th 2014 by .


The online gay dating industry in the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe is one of the largest online dating industries in the world. This is good news for single gay people in the UK. The large numbers of people choosing to use online dating to meet a friend, lover or even the person they intend to marry someday, gives a dating site user a better chance of success.

So why is this? Many people believe that the passing of legislation in the UK regarding gay marriage is one reason. Winning the battle to have same sex marriages legalised in the UK has influenced many gay people that perhaps it is time to settle down. Some people believe because same sex marriage is legal now that more people within the gay community are going to be motivated to get their unions formalised. And, the singles within the community might start trying different things in order to meet someone. Continue reading

Our Top Five Online Dating Profile Pictures You Should Look to Avoid

August 1st 2014 by .

As a denizen of the online dating world, it’s inevitable that we have seen it all. Our time in the trenches of has allowed us to witness some of the silliest and most cliched dating profile pictures. We share them here, in no particular order, as a cautionary tale to you.


Yes, that certainly is a collection of skin and muscle and a below average amount of fat over it. Thanks for devoting your entire profile picture to your abdomen. Everybody has abs, anyway — some just buried more deeply than others. Continue reading