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5 Celebs Who Looked for Love Online… You May be Surprised!

August 8th 2014 by .

Celebrities seem to have it all – fame, money, prestige and an enviable social life. But even celebs can have it tough when it comes to matters of the heart. And like many of us, some of them have taken to online dating in their quest for love.



While she is now happily settled with boyfriend Simon Konecki – with whom she had son Angelo in 2012 – top Brit songstress Adele hasn’t always been so lucky in love. Indeed, in a recently published biography she admitted that before meeting Konecki, and following a difficult breakup with a former boyfriend, she had posted a profile on several online dating sites. The thing is that – understandably, in order to protect her privacy – because she didn’t post a photo of herself, she didn’t get any responses!

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Our Top Five Online Dating Profile Pictures You Should Look to Avoid

August 1st 2014 by .

As a denizen of the online dating world, it’s inevitable that we have seen it all. Our time in the trenches of has allowed us to witness some of the silliest and most cliched dating profile pictures. We share them here, in no particular order, as a cautionary tale to you.


Yes, that certainly is a collection of skin and muscle and a below average amount of fat over it. Thanks for devoting your entire profile picture to your abdomen. Everybody has abs, anyway — some just buried more deeply than others. Continue reading

Five Sexy Ways to Fill your Lunch Break

September 18th 2013 by .
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For most of us work is a pretty boring place – but add a frisson of sexual excitement and suddenly things get a whole lot more interesting. When you’re spending all your time thinking about that sexy someone (or someones!) you suddenly find the day has passed and the after dark fun can begin.

So if you’re fed up of work and want to inject a few thrills into your daily routine then why not try one of these five sexy ways to fill your lunch break.

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