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Seven Best Practices for Single Parent Dating

March 25th 2015 by .


If your relationship has come to an end and you now find yourself a single parent, getting back into the dating scene is a good way to start a new chapter in your life. However, as a parent, you’ll obviously have additional factors in your life to take into consideration. Here are seven best practices for single parent dating: Continue reading

Meet Like-Minded People with Mature Dating

March 11th 2015 by .


If you are looking for someone to spend time with and share your experiences, then mature dating is an excellent way to do this. It is one of the quickest and simplest ways to find like-minded people who share similar interests and have the same outlook on life. More and more people are turning to the Internet in order to find love in their later years, and sites like are the perfect platform for those who are serious about finding someone special. Continue reading

Single Parent Dating, You’re Allowed to Have Fun Too

December 12th 2014 by .

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When your relationship breaks down and you become a single parent, you are faced with an entirely different future than the one you had expected to have. It can seem like a lot of responsibility and your life revolves around providing for and caring for your children. However, you are allowed to have fun too! Taking time out for yourself is important as it will keep you happy and this will have a positive impact on your children as well. One way of having fun is to start dating again. This may seem almost impossible when you have children, but single parent dating sites are the perfect solution to this. Continue reading

Find a Fresh Start with Single Parent Dating

December 5th 2014 by .

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When a relationship breaks down and you become a single parent, it can feel as though any hopes of a relationship are over. However, this does not need to be the case. Think of it as the start of a new chapter in your life and you are making a fresh start. If you are not sure how you will go about finding someone new, then a single parent dating site is a great place to begin. There are many benefits to choosing to go down this particular route to finding happiness once again. Continue reading

5 Things a Single Parent Should Do When Dating

November 19th 2014 by .

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With more than 1.8 million single parent households in Britain, there are plenty of single parents navigating the mature dating scene. If you are a single parent who has decided to re-enter the world of dating, there are certain things you should know. Let’s take a quick look at 5 things all single parents should do when dating.  Continue reading