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First Date Outfit Ideas for Big, Beautiful Women!

November 6th 2013 by .
big beautiful woman on a date

Whether you’re a size 18 or 28, you can find the right outfit for a first date and look hotter than hot! When you’re a chunkier chick, it’s hard to find clothes that look good and make you feel good – and the larger the sizes are, the more boring and shapeless the clothes become.

However, with the right basics and a few clever fashion tricks, you can pull together an outfit that you’ll look incredible in, helping to endure that you exude confidence at your initial encounter.

The Basics

When choosing your first date outfit start with your underwear. Tons of women wear the wrong sized bra so go and get measured and invest in a couple of well-made but subtly sexy bras. You’ll find pretty and flattering bras of all sizes in most department stores or specialist underwear shops, or buy online for an even greater variety of sexy underwear designed for larger women.  Continue reading

Top Tips on First Date Outfits for Cuddly Dating Ladies

October 30th 2013 by .
Cuddly dating, what to wear?

Choosing a first date outfit is hard enough – but when you’re pleasantly plump or ‘cuddly’, dating can be even more daunting. When it comes to your first date after finding a match through our cuddly dating service, it’s important to feel as comfortable as possible whilst still looking smart, on trend and a little bit sexy, which can be difficult to get right when you’re covered with curves.

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Top Five Tips for Cuddly Daters

September 12th 2013 by .
Curvy Dating Woman

Magazines, movies and TV is so packed with worryingly thin women that it would be easy to start believing that men are only attracted to skinny minnies, but in truth that’s simply not the case. Stop any man on the street and ask him to choose between curves and bones and you’ll find 99% will choose curves! So if you’re about to enter the world of cuddly dating, be confident, love your body and follow these top tips to feel great when you date:

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