5 Quirky Date Locations in London

October 14th 2015 by .

Finding your perfect partner in the capital city that actually measures a whopping 1572 kilometers square is a daunting task, to say the least. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when you find someone that actually agrees to go on a date with you, and you face the mind bogglingly difficult task of choosing a location you freak out, a lot.

london dating couple

An advantage of finding a date with the help of websites is that you can usually see what your potential partner is into so once you’ve had a chat and agreed a date and time it is a huge help to fully read their profile so that you don’t end up taking your avid vegetarian to Bubble Dogs (you’ll see what I mean later).

Here, we help you out by exploring some of London’s hidden gems, those activities that your date will be relaying to their friends months after the event.

Vintage Taxi Tours

Ever checked out the cities sites from the comfort of a vintage taxi rather than the sweaty, unkempt black cabs that line the streets? You should! The most famous company that supply this is owned by an ex cabbie so his knowledge is second to none and there is nothing like showing your date you like to ride in style.

Tate Britain Lates

Every couple of months the world famous Tate Britain hold a ‘Late’ evening whereby you can go and enjoy the art, performances, music and of course, a glass of wine or bubbly. These exclusive nights are a great date location as they are always bustling with people and there is plenty of ready-made conversation. Go and be culture vultures together.

The Book Club

Not just any bar and restaurant, The Book Club in the East End provide world class food and cocktails but also exhibitions, workshops, seminars, live music and most importantly…ping pong! Do your research and why not visit TBC for breakfast followed by an exhibition or alternatively start you night off here with cocktails and music. Really individual and cool, very cool.

Outdoor Cinema

Now we are hopefully entering glorious British Summertime catching a film in the great outdoors is a quirky take of the traditional cinema and drinks date. There are plenty of screens utilized across London but the Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House has a great selection. Some nights they even have a marathon of three classics back to back, so if the dates going well why not take it through to the wee hours.
Bubble Dogs

Perfect for making both parties happy on a date this restaurant is essentially a hot dog restaurant that is also known for serving some of the best champagne in the world. What a combo, right?  Based in Fitzrovia this gem creates a great first impression. Why not kick the traditional dinner date and go for lunch, followed by a stroll in nearby Regents Park for dessert.

Hopefully, these have given you some date-spiration and that your other half enjoys themselves enough for you to continue seeing one another. If you’re still unsure, mash all of our ideas together to form one bumper day date (where you will be on the tube for a lot of it) and we’re sure they’ll be impressed.