5 Celebs Who Looked for Love Online… You May be Surprised!

August 8th 2014 by .

Celebrities seem to have it all – fame, money, prestige and an enviable social life. But even celebs can have it tough when it comes to matters of the heart. And like many of us, some of them have taken to online dating in their quest for love.



While she is now happily settled with boyfriend Simon Konecki – with whom she had son Angelo in 2012 – top Brit songstress Adele hasn’t always been so lucky in love. Indeed, in a recently published biography she admitted that before meeting Konecki, and following a difficult breakup with a former boyfriend, she had posted a profile on several online dating sites. The thing is that – understandably, in order to protect her privacy – because she didn’t post a photo of herself, she didn’t get any responses!


Matthew Perry

The Friends star has taken to the web in order to find that someone special to be more than friends with. But don’t expect to find his profile popping up on just any old dating site. Perry is said to have had a profile on, a website solely for the well heeled to interact with each other. Perhaps if you win the lottery, you might be able to join.


Joan Rivers

Feisty octogenarian comedian Joan Rivers has also taken to the Internet in search of love, stating that at her age you explore all avenues and while at first she was a bit embarrassed, she now finds it a lot of fun. She posted a profille that stated she was looking for smart, elegant men. Shame she didn’t sign up to our dedicated mature dating for the older individual!  She famously said that when it came to what she looks for in a man, ‘If I had to choose between Brad Pitt stripped to the waist or an old George Clooney in a dinner jacket, George would win hands down.’


Halle Berry

Gorgeous film star Halle Berry is one of the most lusted after celebs in Hollywood, but even she has dabbled on the online dating world. Now married to fellow thespian Olivier Martinez, with whom she welcomed a son in 2013, Berry claimed in 2005 to have visited several online dating chat rooms, although she kept her real identity under wraps.


Ricki Lake

The US chat show host has tried online dating several times in the past. Now happily married, Lake has dated a few men that she met online, although not her current husband. She came close to marrying a British man who contacted her on an online dating site, but just before she walked up the aisle Ricki discovered that he was only marrying her to get residency in the States.