The 4 Big Myths of Online Dating Profile Pictures

February 25th 2015 by .


When you sign up to online dating, your profile information and profile picture are two of the most important ways of making certain that you are successful. Therefore, making sure you complete the profile information so that it reads well and is interesting is important.

Choosing a profile picture that shows you at your best is also important. However, there are some common myths about profile photos. Here are four of them:

Myth 1: You should only choose a photo of you smiling

There is some research that suggests that whether you are smiling or not will not really make any difference to the number of messages and amount of interest you receive. This is regardless of whether the dating site you are using is aimed at single parent dating, gay dating or just regular dating. Duck faces on the other hand are never a good look – especially on a man!

Myth 2: Chests and cleavage on show will attract other users

The second myth is that if a man displays his chest and a woman shows her cleavage, they are more likely to generate interest in their profile. However, this is simply not true. There is no evidence to show that women posing saucily in their profile picture get any more interest than women who simply show their face. Likewise, men who use online dating get the same amount of interest regardless of whether they are wearing a shirt or showing off their pectorals.

Myth 3: You have to show your face

Most online dating websites recommend that you show your face clearly on your profile picture. In fact, some dating websites insist upon it and your photograph has to be cleared by the website’s staff before it is put on public display. However, research shows that there is little difference in the amount of visits a person’s profile gets between those with profile pictures showing their face and those that do not.

Myth 4: A coy and provocative pose attracts more visits

It has long been believed that if you take a selfie from above while posing in a coy but sexy manner, you will attract a lot of attention. This style of photograph has become popular on social media websites as well as dating sites. When dating website owners compared the number of views received by profiles with this particular style of photograph to profile pictures using other styles and poses, they found that there was actually no difference in the attention they received.

While a good profile picture is an important part of being successful at online dating, some of the myths about the type of picture you should upload are simply not true. What is more important is that the photograph is a good likeness of what you actually look like as well as being up to date. So, now you know the myths, you can create the perfect profile picture to suit your personality without worrying about whether it’ll affect your chances of success. Get snapping!